Employment Law

Mr. Tillmon practices Employment Law and has helped scores of employees ensure their California Employment Law rights are honored by their employers.

The Law Office of Seth E. Tillmon commonly handles the following types of employment law cases: – unpaid hourly overtime wages – unpaid salary overtime wages – unpaid missed meal periods wages – unpaid missed rest periods wages – unpaid sales commissions wages – unpaid vacation wages – unauthorized deductions from wages – and others.

10-Minute Rest Break Violations

30-Minute Meal Break Violations

Overtime Pay for Hourly Employees

Overtime Pay for Salary Employees

Unpaid Sales Commission Wages

Misclassification as Independent Contractor

– Unpaid Vacation Wages

– Unauthorized Deductions from Wages

The Law Office of Seth E. Tillmon handles various other types of employment cases on behalf of employees. Please contact Attorney Seth E. Tillmon to discuss your specific issues.

Mr. Tillmon regularly finds employment law violations in areas of law for which the potential client did not even suspect they were victims of illegal treatment.

If you believe your current or former employer has violated your rights, The Law Office of Seth E. Tillmon is available to inform you of your rights and vigorously pursue them for you.

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